Kohler Fountainhead Bathroom Fixtures Disguise Piping

 - Apr 8, 2009   Updated: Mar 30 2011
References: us.kohler
Kohler wants to get rid of the ugliness of pipes and faucets, or at least move them to totally befuddle your house guests.

Kohler's Fountainhead designs integrate the pipes and faucets above the sink, not below or as part of the design. The result is a masterful unique design for a relatively mundane part of your bathroom.

Implications - Discretion is the better part of decor these days, and companies are increasingly on the lookout for ways in which to increase the aesthetic appeal of their products without increasing the obviousness of their appearance. In this vein, innovations like this represent a move towards functional home fixtures that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. Expect to see a great deal more of this kind of discrete interior design in years to come.