This Haunting Yves Borgwardt Photography Subtly Stands Out

 - Mar 13, 2012
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From just a passing glance, these Yves Borgwardt photos linger in the corner of one's eye. This is not to say that they are abrasive or disturbing; quite the opposite, they are graceful and elegant. One has a sense of fleeting motion when looking at them. In a way, they are almost haunting.

Yves Borgwardt is principally a fashion photographer. In the world of fashion, no one wants to be a wallflower; it is important to stand out from one's competitors. Still, being obnoxiously loud can and does turn many people off.

When everyone is yelling, everyone yells louder. Yves Borgwardt manages to capture the viewer's attention subtlety. Sometimes, lowering one's voice, almost whispering requires those around one to lower their voice and listen closer. This is the effect Yves Borgwardt achieves.