Singer Sinead O'Connor Inspires Stars Like Miley with Her Looks

 - Oct 4, 2013
Singer Sinead O'Connor is an Irish performer with a flair for grunge 90s fashion looks. In the present-day, Sinead is still active in pop culture, writing to teen pop star Miley Cyrus concerned about her recent career moves in the music industry.

A mentor to some of the younger stars, Sinead has developed a style that many, including Miley Cyrus, emulate. With her shaved head, tattoos and edgy look, Sinead rocked the music world with her individual attitude and style. Instead of caring what others think, Sinead has made a point in her look to rebel against what the music industry wants to see from her. Therefore, she keeps her hair short and her style simple so that people will remember her for her music, rather than her sexuality.

Singer Sinead O'Connor is a great role model and icon, as her style is bold and independent.