The Editorial 'Expressionism' Reveals AmazingTattoo Art

The editorial 'Expressionism' by Theresa Manchester and Lucas Passmore for 'FE Magazine' showcases colorful, eye-catching tattoos within stunning photographs. With heavy makeup and a rocker style, the model works the camera with her body covered in beautiful tattoos.

Some of the most remarkable shots are when the background is completely black and white, with light brightening the colorful ink across the model's chest, arm and lower stomach. The playful tattoos pop out at us from the photograph, their colors bright and bold. The black and white photos also capture a certain edge where the style and rocker attitude is showcased.

'Expressionism' finds beauty in the piercing and tattoos that have become a part of the model's identity. The lighting and the style play up the bright colors seen within the ink where powerful photographs are created in the end.