From Solar Power Charging Knapsacks to Indestructable Outdoor Luggage

 - Jun 10, 2012
Whether you're looking for an ideal camping accessory or riot-ready attire, these bold backpack designs will ensure that whatever the situation is your knapsack will back you up.

A lot of things give away vital information about someone -- the pictures on their fridge, their book collection and of course their backpack. The sack that a person chooses to lug around says whether or not they are fashion-savvy, outdoorsy, practical, eco-friendly or technology driven.

While the Tailgating Backpack Cooler Chair ensures that wherever you go the party follows, the Kolor x Yoshida will make you the center of attention at any social gathering. Personally the idea of a backpack that can sprout solar power-absorbing wings is too cool for school, therefore the Green Angel Backpack gets my vote for number one.