Resembling a Lifelike Bug, the Bugbackpack Will Scare All of Your Friends

 - May 29, 2011
References: news.3yen & gizmodiva
Looking more like a creature from the Alien movies than a carrier, the Bugbackpack makes a statement in a creepy-crawly way. Resembling a gigantic bug, the backpack is disturbingly lifelike and will definitely scare away anyone who lays his eyes on it.

Coming from Japan, the Bugbackpack functions like any normal backpack that carries your supplies and lunch for school. The appearance, however, is a totally different issue. With hair on its legs and a glossy shell, the gigantic bug looks like it has latched onto whoever wears it and won't let go.

Whatever your reasons may be for wearing the Bugbackpack, it is guaranteed to scare away anyone near you. Useful for a prank or Halloween, the backpack truly makes a gruesome fashion statement.