Yorkie iPod Speaker Blasts Tunes Instead of Barking

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: juicycouture & chipchick
At first glance I actually thought that the Yorkie iPod Speaker was a real dog wearing a miniature backpack. Pet owners need not worry though, this adorable canine is fake and thus, is not subject to any torture.

The Yorkie iPod Speaker comes from the very popular fashion brand Juicy Couture. The back pack is where the MP3 player docks so that it doesn't get exposed to any rough weather conditions. The paws indicate that it's where users are supposed to control volume and playback, which is quite adorable since you'd have to shake the paw to get a response. As is the case with many portable speakers, as long as the device has a headphone jack, just about any MP3 player will be compatible with it.