The Chef's Portmanteau is a Compact and Portable Professional Kitchen

 - May 25, 2012
Having friends who've gone through culinary school, I can appreciate how the Chef's Portmanteau would be an invaluable accessory for any aspiring cook. Few utensils are cheap and many are required, and it is often necessary for them to be carried around campus, back home and everywhere in between. A professional chef planning to make a meal outside of his own home would find Julius Tarng's concept just as convenient.

The knapsack is far better suited for comfort in portability than the tackle boxes and pocket belts that are currently on the market. You can carry it hands-free and remain confident that your tools are sufficiently padded and protected. The accessory comprises two separate compartments that are buckled together with a means to customize cushioned dividers. The Chef's Portmanteau has even been designed to aesthetically reference elements of the kitchen and the cook's characteristic uniform.