Cambridge Consultant's Prism 200C Sees Through Walls

 - May 4, 2011
References: cambridgeconsultants & dvice
If you have always wanted to have a superpower, perhaps you should try to get your hands on the Prism 200c backpack. Like Superman's vision, it boasts the ability to see through solid objects such as wood, bricks and even concrete. It can also zero in on specific people and tell you their specific location.

Developed by Cambridge Consultant, the Prism 200c backpack's portable radar system basically sees through walls in order to send a live 3D map of the next room and everything in it (not only of the space, but also of the occupants in the room) straight to your smartphone.

The Prism 200c takes on the shape of a backpack for discreet purposes so that James Bond wannabes will not get caught.