The Situationist Drawing Device Records its Surroundings

 - Jul 20, 2011
References: jisoohan & dvice
The Situationist Drawing Device definitely looks like a contraption Leonardo da Vinci would have created back in his own era. It is, however, a modern creation that utilizes modern technology that literally maps 21st century reality. Worn like a backpack, it records its surroundings as the wearer walks through a particular space.

Designed and developed by UK-based designers Ji Soo Han and Paul Ornsby, the Situationist Drawing Device is purported to connect the human body more closely with its environment. Basically, a set of mirrors are attached to hand controls, which are linked to a drawing wheel. This drawing wheel records what it 'sees.'

More artistic than practical, the unique Situationist Drawing Device is currently a concept model that was developed for the Scrap Metal Refinery.