The CrowdBuster will Strike Fear into Looters

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: kitup.military & gizmodo
Looters beware, because if you see the CrowdBuster on police officers, I’d strongly advice you to run -- and I mean FAST.

Tear gas and pellet guns are commonly used when a riot breaks out because of how effective they can be. When it comes to pepper spray, the last thing you think about is crowd control -- this is where the CrowdBuster comes in. This bad boy isn’t the usual spray you’d see kept in a purse or a pocket. Oh no, this monstrous weaponry comes in a full backpack with a gun -- think Ghostbuster’s rayguns -- but instead of ghosts, you’re making rioters regret rebellion. This can spray up to five gallons of pepper that can stretch up to 150 feet! Want to hit several targets at once? This is the way to do it.