From Leasable Maternity Wear to Freelance Goats

 - Sep 13, 2011
If this list of things for rent is any indication, the rental industry loves economic turmoil. As we embark on yet another bout of economic upheaval, people are pinching their pennies harder than ever before. Yet, true to form, people cannot manage to silence their inherent need for materialistic validation. Thriving on this somewhat less than desirable aspect of human nature, rental companies are cropping up everywhere offering the good life for lease. Now you can stretch a buck as far as it will go and still feed your need for indulgence.

With little chance of the economy pulling out of its tailspin anytime soon, the rental industry is expanding well beyond its flash-in-the-pan appeal and becoming a necessity. Important yet costly needs are being addressed through services like rentable baby wear and bikes for the average strapped-for-cash commuter. Think you're broke? Scan this list of things for rent and find out how far your limited resources can take you.