The CLOO App Lets You Sell Your Unused Toilet Time

 - Sep 7, 2011
References: cloo-app & dvice
As proof that your smartphone can solve just about any problem in your life, I present the CLOO' app. The CLOO' app is a new app designed to make finding a clean and open restroom easy.

"CLOO" stands for community + loo. The idea behind the app is that those with a bathroom can rent them out to those who need a bathroom, for a small fee of course. To make things less weird, CLOO' uses social media to show you how many degrees of separation you are away from the owner of the restroom or from a potential customer. Using a stranger's bathroom is undoubtedly awkward; it becomes less awkward when you find out that the stranger is a friend of a friend of a friend.

While the CLOO' app certainly seem strange, I have to admit that it would be pretty damn useful, especially when traveling abroad. You can check out a demo video for the CLOO' app here.