The TimeShare Backyard Lets New Yorkers Experience a Slice of Suburbia

New York City seems to be a breeding ground for genius business ideas such as the TimeShare Backyard. The TimeShare Backyard is a rentable backyard located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The TimeShare Backyard is a sizable stretch of grass and white picket fence designed to provide all of the comforts of suburban America. Rentals of the TimeShare Backyard start at $50 per hour and are limited to 30 people. Add-ons can be purchased from the Participation Agency, the group that runs the backyard. A barbecue will cost you $150, a Slip ‘n Slide will set you back $100 and the mother of all, a kiddie pool, is $200. Anything else you want you can simply request, but make no bones about it, it will cost you. While the prices may seems somewhat steep, the TimeShare Backyard is reportedly all booked up until the end of its run on the 28th of August.