From Smartphone-Securing Tethers to Self-Healing Smartphone Cases

 - Feb 2, 2019
Mobile devices have become key tools to navigate our daily lives and this list of 2018 mobile trends showcases how users are protecting their devices and using cases to augment their phone's inherent abilities.

At their core, cases are meant to protect smartphones from a catastrophic impact, but the majority of offerings rarely stand up to this task. Thankfully, a student from Aalen University in Germany developed an innovative phone case that takes inspiration from airbag systems. Featuring a combination of built-in sensors and hook-like springs, the AD Case senses when the device is in free fall and deploys the springs as necessary.

Also featured on this list is a theft-resistant phone case developed by SafeSkin. Working in tandem with an accessory known as the Eye, this unique case locks the phone down if it notices it has been stolen and will also emit an ear-splitting 100-decibel alarm until it is unlocked or returned to the Eye.

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