The HubblePhone is a Multi-Screen Smartphone of the Future

 - Aug 1, 2018
References: techradar & engadget
Smartphones have evolved into an almost ubiquitous design but Turing is hoping to change this with its multi-screen smartphone, known as the HubblePhone. Named after the iconic interstellar telescope, this revolutionary smartphone features two separate AMOLED displays on decks that swivel for various shooting and viewing modes. The use of two screens is further complemented by the 60-megapixel camera which features a 15x optical zoom and can be manipulated like a handheld camera with the screen swiveled out.

In addition to being a multi-screened smartphone, the HubblePhone also comes equipped with some ambitious features. Perhaps the most interesting comes in its included AR messaging app which lets users send 3D animated messages which are then projected into the recipient's immediate physical surroundings.

Image Credit: Turing