62 GM Innovations
Photos of 62 GM Innovations (Via: Full Article)

62 GM Innovations Photos

General Motors Corp. was been hit with a $2.5 billion loss in the third quarter, and now the automotive giant fears bankruptcy, as early as the beginning of 2009. General Motors is going so far as to…[More]

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Cutting-Edge Consumer Cars

1 Cutting-Edge Consumer Cars

Rugged Amphibious SUVs

2 Rugged Amphibious SUVs

Hybrid Land Helicopters

3 Hybrid Land Helicopters

Shark Skin Sedan Concepts

4 Shark Skin Sedan Concepts

Snail-Shaped Electric Motorbikes

5 Snail-Shaped Electric Motorbikes

Highly Secure Travel Vans

6 Highly Secure Travel Vans