From Futuristic Looped Libraries to Ironic Eco-Architecture

 - Aug 26, 2012
These Zaha Hadid works hold the highest of merits as the forward-thinking artist is versatile, imaginative and a true innovator.

As seen in her latest architectural design the 'Z Boat,' she delves into boat design and creates a stunning origami-inspired sea craft. However, the Pritzker Prize-winning architect has been known to explore almost every other artistic medium.

Hadid's dedication to art is all encompassing as is seen in her spanning oeuvre that includes work in the fields of art, design, fashion and architecture. This ethos is highly modernistic in its approach to blending mediums. She melds her creativity in a cohesive body of work whilst staying true to her signature brand of avant-garde aestheticism. Toying with mediums and shattering convention, her legendary work is an ode to contemporary versatility.