Recession Unfriendly 20ltd Offers Only 20 Of Each Piece

 - Apr 28, 2009
References: 20ltd
20ltd describes itself as "the first strictly exclusive, strictly limited and special edition online shop in the luxury world."

Well, they are not wrong there! All items for sale on the site are made exclusively for them, and a maximum of 20 are made, hence the name. See what they did there?

Having a snoop 'round the online shop, you can find a Barber Osgerby stainless steel chair for £8,225 or an Zaha Hadid for Alessi Silver tea and coffee set for £20,000. It is £9,000 for the Bless cashmere-lined fox-fur hammock and £14,500 for the "Good vs Evil" Opus football table.

It may not be feasible for most of us to shop here, especially with the credit crunch, but it is most excellent fun having a snoop around.