The Z.Island Kitchen Brings Hi-Tech to Food Prep

It's become habit for many people to cook with the television in view, or alternatively to set their laptops down onto the countertop, and with these modern demands in mind, the Z.Island Kitchen surely delivers.

The space-age project is the result of a cutting-edge collaboration between Zaha Hadid, DuPont, Ernestomeda and Corian. In addition to sculpting a complete reinvention of an efficiency-optimized culinary scenario, the team placed a heavy interest in making the space extremely hi-tech.

Of course, conventional elements like a hot-plate stove, dishwasher and sink are all included in the design -- albeit as revolutionary reinterpretations -- but a TV screen with computer capabilities, a projector, sound media and more, make it possible for a multitasking chef to be thoroughly entertained in the Z.Island Kitchen.