From Circuit Board Jewelry to Upcycled Bullet Bangles

 - Jun 15, 2013
Fashionistas looking to acquire some creatively unique pieces of accessories are in luck, because these upcycled jewelry pieces will definitely have your friends begging to know where you purchased it from.

While crystal-encrusted accessories are certainly luxurious and eye-catching, not everyone can afford those extravagant purchases, which is why turning ordinary products into pieces of jewelry is a great alternative to making a fashion statement. These upcycled accessories have been made from all kinds of unique materials that you wouldn't normally associate with fashion. From sleek bicycle chains that have been turned into bracelets to chunks of computer keyboards fashioned into necklaces, these upcycled jewelry pieces are adding a lot of flair and originality to an otherwise ordinary product.

If you want something flashy and unique to wear with your outfit, then these creatively upcycled jewelry pieces are just for you.