Old School Camera re:vision

 - Apr 19, 2008   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: oyemodern
It's always nice to see someone come up with secondary uses for items the majority of people discard. Craig Arnold, a designer obsessed with cameras came up with the idea to recycle old camera parts and turn them into jewelry.

Most of the pieces used in the re:vision line come from old school cameras, so they're quite classy. You know in the old days they made stuff robust. The metal ones are polished and look very cool.

Implications - Craig Arnold is a designer with an unmatched passion for cameras. The development of an environmentally friendly camera recycling program is something that the industry needs, and it was missing a forefather. They can stop worrying about finding one, Craig Arnold is clearly the man. Here's to hoping re:vision makes the change in industry standards they have needed for years.