Naimakka Designs Creates Wearable Pieces from WWII Parachutes

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: naimakka.tumblr
If you're someone who likes to wear items which have a back story, you will probably find this Parachute Cord Jewelry by Naimakka Outdoor Design pretty amazing.

Naimakka makes durable bracelets and other small, resourceful pieces from recycled parachute cords which is a pretty incredible concept in itself; however, its latest project is truly one for the books. The company managed to find a parachute from the famous WWII operation market garden as seen in Band of Brother, making bracelets from its abundance of perfectly usable cords.

Of course, the company was only able to make a particular number of these bracelets because of the limited supply of materials. These bracelets are beautifully made and follow a simplistic design. They are high-quality and made to withstand even the most extreme of elements. The best part of parachute cord jewelry is that each piece tells an interesting back story.