From Virtual Red Carpet Campaigns to Social Media Scavenger Hunts

 - Sep 9, 2013
Social media has changed the traditional way companies think about advertising, and that's never more apparent than with Twitter marketing campaigns. Whether it's Twitter-activated candy dispensers or social media-powered concerts, the prevalent digital media platform has become an integral part of marketing.

The amazing thing about these digital communities is how they can connect people globally. Creating Twitter marketing campaigns lets companies reach consumers all over the world. These digital campaigns not only have an expansive reach, they also allow for incredible amounts of consumer interaction.

Building brand advocates has never been easier than it is with Twitter; if a consumer enjoys a marketing campaign, they will then associate that enjoyment with the brand that created it. Along with the benefits comes a plethora of risks that can quickly spiral out of control. Consumers can take a company's campaign and flip it around to create negative associations with that brand. It's all part of the high risk, high reward nature that comes with digital connectivity.