The Toilet Paper Ad Showing the Charmin Bear as Thor Will Delight

 - Nov 11, 2013
References: twitter & geekosystem
Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin took Twitter by storm over the weekend with a humorous toilet paper ad shout-out to the latest Marvel movie release, Thor: The Dark World . The toilet paper ad depicts Charmin's iconic cartoon bear mascot dressed as the iconic hero Thor, with a red cape and silver armor. The bear has thrust the mighty hammer Mjolner (Thor's weapon of choice) into the ground and appears to be using it as a dispenser for toilet paper. Beneath the toilet paper ad, Charmin tweeted "We've always been an Asgardian."

The playful pun is a memorable and enjoyable joke with just a hint of crude humor thrown into the mix. This toilet paper ad has since been taken been deleted from Charmin's account (most likely for copyright reasons) but the image and text has been making the rounds on the Internet, and is sure to delight comic book geeks and everyday consumers alike.

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