From Celeb-Obsessed Cushions to Nostalgic Rapper Tees

 - Aug 6, 2014
E-retailer Shop Jeen is known for pushing boundaries with its humorous and daring products. The shop carries a wide range of goods that include edgy fashions, novelty home decor items and even tech accessories for smartphone users who are looking to get noticed.

Shop Jeen is known for their personal product range as well as goods from labels including O-Mighty and Nympha among others. The web shop is focused on a young consumer and is always at the forefront of what's next for today's youth.

Inspired by popular culture, these Shop Jeen products include the web shop's "Net-flixing" pillow that celebrates the cinematic platform and society's time-consuming obsession of streaming films and TV shows online. Another example from this list includes the shop's "Emojis all over me" tee, a fashionable statement piece that is adorned with social media themed graphics.