- Nov 4, 2011
The growing number of artisan chocolate companies has given rise to an astounding amount of tempting chocolate packages. In an industry that faces such a stiff level of competition, serious chocolatiers have been turning to numerous design firms to create interesting, eye-catching wrappers to ensure their brand stands head and shoulder above the rest.

From minimalist packaging to vibrant handcrafted wrappers, these sweet examples of branding not only succeed in standing out from the rest, they also help promote a public persona for the company as a whole. From the looks of these tempting chocolate packages, the design firms and chocolate companies have certainly been hard at work creating mouth-watering aesthetics that scream "devour me!"

Sure to have your sweet tooth working over time, these fine examples of chocolate branding are the physical manifestation of temptation.

From Sweet Stripped Branding to Delicious Postcard Packaging: