From VR Beauty Subscriptions to Musical Donut Mergers

 - Oct 23, 2015
These examples of co-branded tech marketing range from VR beauty subscriptions to musical donut partnerships. In recent years, both major and independent brands have begun to recognize the importance of tech-focused marketing. In an effort to reach a tech-savvy millennial audience, brands are no longer just releasing traditional print or ad campaigns but are also leveraging the power of social media to sell a product.

While examples like Call of Duty's secretive Snapchat ads garnered the attention of gamers who were using the messaging platform to communicate with friends, Dunkin Donuts' Spotify partnership illustrates the snack company's desire to appeal to younger audiences instead of just its prominent familial demographic.

Other notable examples include H&M, DKNY and Puma's live-streamed marketing initiatives through video platform Periscope as well as Lionsgate Entertainment's 'Shatter Reality' short -- an Oculus-powered VR experience that promoted the new Insurgent film debut at SXSW.