Demonstrating That a Lack of Detail Can Be a Good Thing

 - May 24, 2012
These subtly recognizable silhouettes demonstrates what's popular enough to incite recollection from shadow. Anything can eventually be recognized if enough detailed is put into it, only a few things can be identified through their general outline.

You can tell something has reached pop-culture status when it's able to be recognized in silhouette form. The Iconic Hair Pictorials or Storybook Character Silhouette Ads use the bare minimum of details necessary to illustrate which characters are being represented. Super Heroes often times make appearances in silhouette form; the color, shape and general outline of Superman or Batman are quite distinguishable.

Fashion too will draw inspiration from the allure of a shadowy outline. The Misty Sunrise Spreads are captivating precisely because of their lack of detail, the contours of the female form are enough to draw in audience's attention.