Aad Goudappel's Illustrations are Playfully Sinister

 - Jul 13, 2011
References: aadgoudappel & designlov
Every single one of these Aad Goudappel images has a unique effect that befalls its spectators: they all make the viewers question the message behind each illustration. Why is the fragmented man asking us to trust him and his peers? Why is there an army of snails approaching a man laying on his back?

Aad Goudappel is an artist hailing from The Netherlands and his style uses simplistic vector graphics, but is punctuated by the oddity of his subjects. Perhaps the most disturbing of all these Aad Goudappel illustrations is the one featuring hands on the silhouette of a little girl.

Implications - Consumers are no longer satisfied with images that are visually stimulating, they also want to engage with images on a cognitive level, trying to unravel their meaning. Corporations may consider advertising campaigns which rely solely on images to disseminate company messages, effectively attracting consumer attention by playing with their curiosity.