Nono Muaks Combines Wilderness with Religion in this Home Object

 - May 2, 2012
References: nonomuaks & nonomuaks
The Nono Muaks Recrosssurrection Clock integrates the great outdoors with the religious symbol of a crucifix. This creative clock shows the silhouette of a Jesus-like figure suspended on a cross. This is no ordinary crucifix but rather one that sprouts antlers and that doubles as a perch for a parrot, just where the clock is located.

This racy and considerably blasphemous clock is bound to cause a stir. No doubt, this piece is meant to provoke more questions than it has answers for. Nono Muaks is well-known for unleashing strange and whimsical products. An interesting and unorthodox visual approach to the crucifix and resurrection will no doubt ruffle some religious feathers.

Constructed out of stainless steel mirror, 'Recrosssurrection' -- apart from being a conversation piece -- acts as both a mirror, a clock and a modern expression of one's religion.