Niege Borges Alves Breaks Down Famous Moves Step by Step

The silhouette dancing posters by Niege Borges Alves are reminiscent of some of the greatest dances known to man. These simple step-by-step instructions let any newbie learn the moves of the all-time greats.

Who could forget the classic Elaine Dance complete with the little kicks and the weird thumbs? If looking like a fool is not exactly your style, perhaps you could get a little more classy with the Singin' in the Rain dance. However, if you really want to have the hottest moves on the dance floor, it's time to break out the Napoleon Dynamite dance (this only works if you look like a complete nerd).

Niege Borges Alves has created posters that should be on the walls of every dance academy as a tribute to the original move-makers.