- Sep 29, 2018
These September 2018 fashion editorials range from age-positive model portraits to manga-inspired lookbooks. Standouts include Helmut Lang's recent ad campaign by photographer Alexandra Leese. The series of print ads spotlights real people versus models and focuses on senior subjects with an authentic and visually striking sense of style. Similarly, Adsum's newest cold-weather menswear range is a tribute to the 1972 Summit Series and consists of candid and unposed imagery of a subject who sports hockey-themed clothing.

When it comes to photography with a more conceptual aesthetic, some September 2018 fashion editorials to note include Infringe Magazine's artistic hair series which is a tribute to surrealist artwork. The editorial is conceived by creative duo I'm Blue I'm Pink and spotlights a model whose face is entirely covered by long tresses in different colors.

From Age-Positive Portraits to Manga-Inspired Lookbooks: