- Sep 28, 2014
The top 2014 September culture feature a wide range of celebrity-focused products, tributes and photo shoots. With the sudden and upsetting passing of Robin Williams, the Internet witnessed hundreds of tributes in the form of art, photography and video. Artists such as Felipe Gómez, Seung Kyu Yeo, Pavel Kargin and Joey DiNardo all created touching pieces of art to honor the actor's influence on the world.

The iconic recognition of Disney characters all over the world was used to promote awareness about domestic violence. The shocking drawings of Disney princes with bruises and cuts on their faces and bodies changes the direction of the conversation on domestic violence to shed light on the fact that men are also victims.

From chocolate celebrity makeovers to celebrity self-portraits, the top September 2014 culture ads offer consumers a wide range of ways to consume star-studded products. For more examples, check out Trend Hunter's Pop Culture Trend Report.

From Music Festival Photography to Disney Princess Pin-Ups: