- Mar 26, 2012
From crucifix-adorned accessories to luxe church-inspired catwalks, these religious fashion innovations aim to push the boundaries of traditional style. Whether viewed as chic or sacrilegious, these bold editorials, ad campaigns and fashions aim to stand apart from the crowd.

Blending iconic imagery with an effortlessly cool aesthetic, these religious fashion innovations pay tribute to a multitude of faiths. While some may be defined as a respectful homage, others can act as a controversial commentary on society's beliefs.

Whether one chooses to love or hate these religious fashion innovations, they undeniably manage to turn heads and make headlines. From racy nun editorials and cross-bearing captures to regal religious runways, these fierce and fearless styles are not for the faint of heart. Made for risk-taking fashionistas, these dynamically divine fashion finds are sure to get one noticed.

These Church-Chic Editorials, Ads and Styles are Controversial: