Teenage Millionaire's Jesus & Mary Line

 - Dec 28, 2006
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The binomial fashion and religion return to be fashionable. The last ones in hitting the nail on the head have been the pair Teenage Millionaire with their t-shirts “Jesus is my Homeboy” and “Mary Is My Homegirl”. Although the t-shirt has been for more than three years in circulation, has not been until now that has become a phenomenon thanks to the confluence of several decisive factors. On the one hand it is the wake of success that left to the last film of Mel Gibson The Passion of Christ. By another one the public appearance of mediatic stars like Madonna, Pamela Anderson, or Ashton Kutcher shining the motto, and if to it we add to the controversy raised by the most preservative sectors when considering the t-shirts sacrílegioud, the success is served.