Ricardo Oyarzun's 'Virgin Mary' Models Rock Unholy Cleavage

Using images resembling the Virgin Mary is apparently becoming trendy in Latin America. Recently, Trend Hunter spotlighted the case of a nude woman strongly resembling the religious icon, gracing the cover of Playboy Magazine in Mexico. Needless to say, the highly influential Catholic Church and its adherents rose up in arms against this "sacrilege." Now, Chilean designer Ricardo Oyarzún, in an open challenge to the Catholic Institution of his country and its millions of believers, organized an event he called the "Virgin Fashion Show."

The show featured cleavage-dropping models dressed in assemblages that included robes, big halos and praying beads that remind me of the Virgin sans the prominent cleavages. 

Trend Hunter has been following the face-off between Oyarzún and the Chilean Church ever since the designer leaked one image of a virginal model with spectacular breasts about to spill out of her saintly robe.

May God save you all.