From Floppy Disk Faces to Real-Life 8-Bit Animals

 - Jun 4, 2011
The introduction of so many modern technologies is certainly cool, but after a while it can be fun to revert back to retro thinking -- like these pixelated creations do. These technological wonders embrace the simplicity and fun appearance that pixelated product inventions have.

Granted, you are probably not going to appreciate watching TV with pixelated resolution, but that's not what a pixelated product is all about. From Massive Pixelated Mammals to Pixelated Flower Pots, these innovations focus on visual arts.

Through embracing both technology and art, each pixelated product gives viewers an opportunity to appreciate how far technology has come. Just by looking at these Pixelated Movie Montages and Pixelated Jewelry it's clear that while pixelated technology may be considered dated by some, it certainly can have contemporary flair!