Bill Bowers Creates Old-School Computer Features

 - Aug 19, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
Artist Bill Bowers has created a collection of fun faces using vintage computer pixelation.

The photography collection from Bill Bowers shows blacked out faces with color pixelated outlines. It's a cool use of old-school computer images that are generally unused now. Take a look at this fun vintage pixelated photo collection from artist Bill Bowers above. It makes me want to relive all the computer classics--where's my Pac-Man game?

Implications - As technology continues to improve and alienate those who are unable to keep up, consumers are finding solace in familiar retro technologies. They are more readily able to empathize with it in comparison to its complex, overly produced counterparts. Corporations looking to capitalize on this shift towards nostalgia-inspired graphics may do so through use of retro-looking graphics in marketing campaigns and product designs.