From Communist Kiddie Dolls to Disfigured Street Art

 - Jul 19, 2011
Sure, Che Guevara's face has probably been donned on far too many t-shirts as of recent years, and the people who wear them often times don't even know who he is, but these Che Guevara inspirations prove the revolutionary's still influential even to this day. And it's not just the fashion industry that he's impacting.

Surprisingly, you can now eat Che Guevara as a popsicle shaped like his head. Then there are those who have used his famous visage for art re-imaginings, such as a Daffy Duck version of the guerrilla leader. My favorite of these Che Guevara inspirations though has got to be these political figure dolls, which feature a cartoon version of Guevara along with other famous leaders such as Barrack Obama.

Implications - Che Guevara has become a pop culture icon due to the proliferation of his face being used on many products. Consumers now associate the image of his face with revolution. Corporations may consider incorporating various pop culture figure references in their product lines in order to convey particular messages to consumers.