Wall Art from Honeycomb Soundproofing to Paint Swatchs

 - Jul 1, 2011
This series of wall art highlights some of the best ways to spruce up a space with unconventional and atypical art. The collection ranges from the functional honeycomb soundproofing studio walls to waldo-inspired wallpaper and even paint swatch arrangements.

I really like this collection of images of wall art because it demonstrates that you can expect more from your space than the off-white walls that you painted last summer. Click through the images and get a jolt of inspiration to undertake your own creative wall art project.

Implications - As a result of the credit crunch, consumers are cutting back on peripheral entertainment and staying at home more often. These consumers have a desire to make their home space feel unique and original because of the increased time that they are spending there. Companies can court these consumers by offering opportunities to add some flavor to their living space.