Nick Gentry's Paintings "Diskover" the Human-Tech Relationship

 - May 27, 2011
References: nickgentry & thisiscolossal
Nick Gentry's paintings are definitely one-of-a-kind creations; he creates them using an innovative "tech-nique." Nick Gentry has been painting portraits using technological parts for ages and he has recently added four new pieces to his collection. These paintings are particularly unparalleled for their creative canvas. Instead of regular paper or cloth canvases, Gentry paints on top of technology, namely used floppy disks. These disks' metal features show through the paint, created pixelated-looking portraits. This carries on the tech theme, blending the facial features with metal machinery.

Nick Gentry's paintings explore the connection between human beings and technology, as well as the dependancy we have on machinery and devices. They're beautiful reminders to tread carefully with technology, as we can (and have) become easily engulfed in it.