From Impressionistic Robots to Giant LED Head Sculptures

 - Nov 26, 2017
Some consider art the creative enterprise of countless brave souls struggling to express themselves through media, others consider art to be an archaic conjugation of the infinitive verb "to be", and still others think of Art purely as a nickname for Arthur, but certainly the November 2017 art trends here are targeted toward the most former definition.

Art has almost always required some sort of implement: from a paintbrush to a slab of clay to ink and a quill. This tool-dependence has seen an interesting resurgence in the modern day, with artists channeling and making use of modern technology in their work. For example, the As We Are project consists of hundreds of thousands of LEDs that form a three-dimensional head on which people can display themselves, and Hello Computer has built a robotic painter that creates works in the style of Claude Monet.