From Empowering Women Conferences to Talent-Bartering E-Shops

 - Jan 3, 2014
There are many new businesses arising as the era of the entrepreneur is upon us, and as such, it's important for businesses to take note of some of the new venture trends occurring in the marketplace. Kickstarter, Etsy and Kiva have all had profound impacts on business and the world, so to find the next big player in the business space and get a better idea of how your business can get a step ahead of competitors, be sure check out Trend Hunter's New Venture Trend Report.

Many ideas exploded onto the market this year, ranging from talent-bartering e-shops to mainstream supercar rentals (it seems rental culture is still on the minds of consumers). Another interesting idea covered on included many viral subscription services and crowdfunding applications that make it easier than ever to get an idea up off the ground.