Daniel Eckler Believes the Future Calls for 'A Better Backpack'

 - Nov 13, 2013
References: kickstarter
'A Better Backpack' is a project started by Kickstarter user Daniel Eckler that aims to build a knapsack that is sustainable, simple, functional and co-operative.

In the promotional video, he explains that fashion has become fast-paced, temporary and based upon consumer impulses, which often sacrifices durability and quality design. At MIJLO, the company behind the project, the goal is to create products that consumers can grow with and pass on, beginning with a backpack.

The company based its foundation upon durability and paired it with functional features like a padded interior for laptops. They also chose neutral colors for the design which make it great for men, women, children and adults.

Each backpack has an eco tag, which allows consumers to return the bags when they are done with them so the company can reuse the materials, allowing them to live on while reducing the impact on the environment.

Starting with 'A Better Backpack,' MIJLO is truly at the forefront of sustainable design and fashion with their classic well-designed products.