From Avian Gamer Goodies to Campfire Treats

 - Oct 30, 2011
These marvelous marshmallow innovations are sure to catch your attention. Summer nights may be over in many parts of the world as winter quickly approaches, so roasting marshmallows around a campfire may no longer be possible, but that doesn't mean that you have to cut the yummy snack out of your life until the warm weather returns.

From cereal made entirely out of marshmallows to fluffy, adorably decorated Halloween-themed treats, the light snack is one that is constantly being reinvented into creative shapes.

It's a common belief that marshmallows are mainly used on certain holidays, such as Easter, but marshmallows should be integrated into regular snacking habits. Not only are they fun and not super filling, but they're undeniably delicious. These marvelous marshmallow innovations are sure to have you salivating for more!