Clockwork Lemon Bakes a Deliciously Depressed Cake

 - Jul 26, 2011
References: clockworklemon & seddy5.typepad
This adorably tear-jerkingly sad cake comes from the creative mind of Clockwork Lemon. Eating the last piece of a cake is always a sad affair, because it means there is no more deliciousness to go around. The idea behind the creation of this cake came from a Breakfast Buddy key chain. The keychains feature a group of buddies, one of which featured a sad banana plushie.

The detailed decorations were created from marshmallow fondant and dyed to a soft pink hue. The large cake has large sad face with a smaller piece also featuring a sad face. Clockwork Lemon has subtitled the action of devouring the cake with the words "farewell little buddy, parting is such sweet sorrow..." This dreary little cake would make an excellent farewell or goodbye party cake for any loved ones.