The 'What the Fluff?' Festival Celebrates the Sticky Invention

Whether the word 'fluffernutter' means absolutely nothing to you or if it brings back countless childhood memories, the terrifically tasty 'What the Fluff?' festival in Somerville, Massachusetts has something to offer you. The day-long celebration commemorates the invention of Fluff, a sweet marshmallow-flavored spread often paired with peanut butter on bread but delicious on just about anything and everything.

Developed in 2005 by Union Square Main Streets, the festival honors Fluff inventor Archibald Query, who created the sticky concoction in 1917. Now in its sixth year, 'What the Fluff?' has become a huge tourist attraction, drawing fans from around the world. Fluff cooking contests, a "Pharaoh of Fluff" competition and the Fluff Lick-Off are just a few of the events to behold on the festival day.

If you're in Massachusetts on Sept. 24, 2011, I highly recommend checking out 'What the Fluff?' for some awesome oozy marshmallow goodness. Indulge in a fluffernutter or two for me!