These S'mores Cookies are a Fun Take on a Camping Favorite

All recipes can be found at 'Glorious Treats.'

If you grew up looking forward to pigging out on sweets by the fire on camping trips, you're going to salivate over these 'S'Mores Cookies' by Sweet Sugar Belle. Not only does this delicious recipe fix the problem of sticky hands that comes about when eating real s'mores, but it looks just as tasty as the original inspiration!

These S'Mores Cookies can easily be made using a variety of royal icing and your choice of scrumptious cookie base. The graham cracker details, fluffy marshmallows and gooey chocolate icing look so realistic and I'm betting it tastes just as delicious as regular s'mores!

Implications - Taking favorite products or recipes and giving them a special spin in a great way to remain innovative, especially if you are by-passing the downfalls of your product inspirations along the way. These S'Mores Cookies are an example of how someone has found a solution for sticky fingers while still creating the illusion of this familiar campfire treat.