From Cheese Ball Truffles to Toastable Chocolate Bars

 - Aug 12, 2014
These gourmet snacks could all be enjoyed really well with a good glass of wine if you know what you're doing. Everyone knows that simple cheeses and chocolates go well with wine, but if you really want to take your wine and food experiences to the next level, you might want to try pairing some of these delicious gourmet offerings with your next glass of wine.

There are a wide variety of snacks, both cold and hot, that could potentially pair well with wine. But you're never going to find out unless you give it a try, so be a trailblazer and opt for something more elaborate than that same old variety of cheese the guy at the local wine store recommended.

These all contain one or more of the classic food products paired with wine such as cheese, chocolates, nuts and cold meats. There's no reason why they can't go really well with a beautiful glass of wine if you give the pairing a little thought.